Impress women with your fuckbook profile

fuckbook sexIt’s important to choose a fuckbook profile picture of you doing something adventurous and that you are really passionate about. My friend Crash always wanted to do sky diving and he also needed a great picture for his fuckbook profile. So he decided to go sky diving and not only did he go do something he always wanted to do but now he had an awesome picture of it. Photos are like the window to our good memories and when you take a great passionate picture, it naturally attracts attention towards it.

Example of a good fuckbook profile

When my friend put his profile picture up of him sky diving, within an hour he had 30 comments. I also have another friend who really loves animals and he put his fuckbook profile picture of him feeding a baby lion in Kenya. He told me that a girl who commented on it found him so intriguing that she planned to meet up with him for lunch to talk more about his trip to Kenya and love for animals. By the end of the night he had fucked her and they got on so well that now she was his girlfriend. If he didn’t post that picture up then they wouldn’t have met. Passion is attractive to women and they can sense when a guy has a love for things and when you express your passion, they want to discover more about it because it’s captivating and infectious.

Impress Women on Fuckbook

Photos should be an expression of who you are and not about trying to impress women on fuckbook. It’s awesome to have pictures of you in a club surrounded by tons of people, but if you are posting them up to only impress women and to show that you are popular then you miss the whole point. When you are passionate and put up pictures of you being surrounded by tons of people, it’s because you want to share what an awesome night it was and how that energy you bring is a part of you. When you are sharing pictures of your cool night out then you are sharing a part of that memory and your passion for it. You are sharing it because it expresses who you are. The photos become more attractive to women because they reflect who you are and your passion. Its okay to intentionally take awesome pictures even if it doesn’t currently reflect your life, but the only person you should be trying to impress is yourself.

Choose your Picture

Take pictures that inspire you and that you desire to be in. If you have always wanted to have a picture with your favourite celebrity and you are able to make that happen then go out there and do it. If you have always wanted to have a picture with two girls kissing your cheek then go out there and get it. If you don’t give a fuck about impressing other people and take pictures because they impress you then women are going to be attracted to that as a by product because you are going to convey the right energy and the passion and the right qualities of a Charismatic Lover.

Go do something that you love doing or that you always wanted to do. Something that really inspires you and that you feel passion for. Take pictures that you are impressed by and that make you feel good because not only do they express who you are but when you look back on that memory you can be proud to say that you did it.


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