We’ve been lucky enough to date and befriend many extremely hot and sexy women. Since learning the “tricks of the trade” we’ve been with women we would have only dreamed of earlier in our lives. We’ve been with hot blondes, brunettes, women of every description, all from using the material in this blog. On of the authors has a good friend and former lover named Dawn. She is 24 years old, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, tall, great legs, a huge chest, and loves to wear seductive clothes. She also loves sex, hot sex for hours. In short, Dawn embodies many men’s fantasies.

Before dating one of the authors she used to go out and flirt with guys at bars. She told us about entering a bar and seeing how the men would stop talking and stare at her, drooling like dogs. She said she enjoyed the attention, but she rarely gave out her phone number to or dated any of the men who came onto her in bars. Why? Because she was afraid. She would be attracted to a man and then get afraid of being physically abused or raped by him. After all, she didn’t know him; she just met him at the bar. So she’d stay distant, unattainable by the many men who desired her.

Fear of being abused, hurt or raped by men is the biggest concern women have in dating. Dawn and most other women smartly scope out men to make sure they won’t be physically hurt by the men they date. They want to be sure they can trust the men they are attracted to before getting physically vulnerable with them. If you want to have success with women, you must be aware of this most basic female concern. You must deal with the fact that women you meet will be testing you to see if you are “safe,” or potentially violent. We think this concern makes total sense. If we were women we would have the same concerns, and so would you. Put yourself in a woman’s position: if you became aware of stories of rape, spousal abuse, torture and murder of women every day in newspapers and on TV, you’d be paranoid, too. Women need to be a bit paranoid because so many men are psycho. It simply isn’t worth the risk for a woman to go home with a man who could hurt her. What this means for you is that you must do the things to create trust with a woman, and be sure to move at her pace when pursuing sex and relationships.


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